Wild In The Stables

Wild In The Stables

After Kacey Parker signed as a ranch hand, things got out of control. The other hands stopped working and started jerking. Her big tits and meaty ass were too distracting. It was clear that Kacey was meant for better chores than pitching hay.

So the ranch boss whipped out his trusty camera and asked Kacey to come with him to one of the stables and show him everything she’s got. She was happy to oblige and dropped her drawers before he could even say “show us your boobs.” He knew Kacey was a wild one from the get-go.

“I once had sex with a fireman on-duty in a fire truck at the fire station at Camp Pendleton. It was pretty hot!” said Kacey, who does have a thing for big hoses.

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