Why Brassieres Were Invented

Why Brassieres Were Invented

Why Brassieres Were Invented

What is the sound of two tits clapping? The answer to this riddle can be heard in Helen Star’s video. Helen had a new red bra and panties she wanted to wear and this was her opportunity.

Helen’s bra looks a little small for her twins. They’re close to popping out of the cups. Not one to neglect her ass, the saucy brunette stunner gets on her hands and knees and jiggles her round cheeks. Who could ever leave Helen’s behind behind? Coming or going, the view of Helen Star is a scenic wonder.

SCORELAND: So, Helen, how many bras do you think you own?

Helen: I have lots of them. Cotton, lace, simple ones, colored ones. A girl needs her bras.

SCORELAND: Where do you buy your clothes and your bras?

Helen: There is one brand in my country that makes bras for my size. They are really good. Sometimes I order online from outside the country. Clothes are easier to find then bras.

SCORELAND: Do you have a favorite style of bra and why?

Helen: I like sports bras in everyday life because it’s super comfy. If I want to feel sexy, I choose lace.

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