When Her Boobs Hit Your Eye, That’s Amora

When Her Boobs Hit Your Eye, That’s Amora

When Her Boobs Hit Your Eye, That's Amora

Natural marvel Amora Lee sure picked the perfect outfit to wear. That top and skirt fit her curvy body like it was sprayed on.

After Amora took some pictures to send to the SCORE studio, she predicted what was going to happen.

“I took the pictures and sent them to you and I’m sitting there and thinking, ‘They’re going to pick me. I know they’re going to pick me.’ And then I thought, ‘I hope they don’t pick me because I don’t know what I’m going to do.’ I hadn’t done this before. And I finally thought to myself, ‘Okay, you have to respond, Amora, because you reached out to them.’ So I responded, and here I am. But first I decided to take a vacation to psych myself up for this because I was nervous.”

All the more impressive because Amora had never done anything like this. She works in a nursing home.

“I was like, ‘Well, this might be interesting,’ and when you said I had to get completely naked, I said, ‘Huh? Naked?’ and they said, ‘Uh-huh, and you have to play with your boobs and jiggle them,’ I said, ‘People do this?’ And I can’t believe it.

Finally I said, ‘Amora, you can do this.’ So I set up an appointment, met with the photographer and the makeup artist and here I am, doing this.”

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