What Happens In Emma Shay’s Bedroom Doesn’t Stay There

What Happens In Emma Shay’s Bedroom Doesn’t Stay There

What Happens In Emma Shay's Bedroom Doesn't Stay There

“Women like her are the reason I subscribe to this website. Large natural tits, big ass and pale skin (I love all skin types, though). Nothing fake on her.”

“She is without a doubt up there with Codi Vore. Absolutely stunning! Would love to see her in a MMF. Great work, SCORE!”

Those comments are about young and busty Emma Shay. She’s sweet and innocent-looking but Emma has a wild side.

SCORELAND: Do you ever go to strip clubs?

Emma Shay: I have only been to one club. I would love to go to more though.

SCORELAND: Have you ever been a stripper or thought of becoming one?

Emma Shay: Totally. I have thought of being one, but I just get kinda nervous. I would still love to try one day.

SCORELAND: What gives you multiple orgasms?

Emma Shay: A vibrator right on my clit!

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex with another girl? What did you do with her?

Emma Shay: Yes! We made out, fingered each other, and even had fun in a threesome together! I have made out with a few girls. A friend and I gave a double BJ to one guy.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex, given a blow job or gotten oral sex in the back seat of a car or in the front seat?

Emma Shay: Yep! Given a blow job and hand job in the front seat, and gotten oral and had sex in the back!

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