Victoria Lobov’s Bikini Sex Photo Shoot

Victoria Lobov’s Bikini Sex Photo Shoot

Victoria Lobov's Bikini Sex Photo Shoot

To be able to photograph incredibly hot women like trim and stacked Victoria Lobov, a man must have the iron will and self-control of a 10th degree karate black belt master. He cannot pitch a tent while shooting a model or she might walk out. Telling the models the bulge in your pants is an extra camera battery never works.

Today’s photographer Tony Dutch now faces the Victoria Lobov challenge. Will he be able to complete the shoot or will his rigid resolve collapse when faced with this sexually intoxicating and highly desirable blonde?

Tony is flipping through the shots he’s already taken of Victoria in her golden extreme bikini when Victoria returns to the room to continue the shoot. Bikini girl Victoria takes off her shortie robe and teases him without mercy. This is an occupational hazard that photographers of horny models often have to accept.

Victoria insists on sucking and tit-fucking Tony’s cock, breaking down his resistance in seconds. She leads him into the bedroom so she can get fucked in bed porn-style in sizzling, acrobatic positions. Victoria amps up her pleasure by buzzing her clit with a toy as his thrusting dick fills her tight pussy, a pussy that grips it so hard, even a 10th degree black belt would nut.

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