Ultimate Summer Sinn

Summer Sinn reads a letter from a fan and being the generous type, Summer shows how she can blow his pants clean off.

Wrote SCORE editor Dave, “Summer, who splits her time between Boston and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a SCORE Girl in the classic tradition: slim ‘n’ ultra-stacked.”

Tit men want to spend quality time with Summer to get busy on her huge tits.

“Lick them and suck them,” Summer said. “I like it. Softly, because they’re sensitive. Don’t bite them. I’m not into domination. Maybe start out by licking them a little, then sucking them a little, then licking them some more, then sucking some more. Pay lots of attention to them. Go from one to the other. Give both of them plenty of attention. That gets me going. I never cum from having them sucked but sucking on my boobs gets me all wet. He doesn’t even have to touch my pussy to get me wet. Just lightly touch my breasts and nipples.”

So the first place a guy should go when he’s got a date with Summer is her tits. Not her neck, not her pussy, not her ass, not her feet.

“Most of the time a guy starts on my tits. Sometimes they’re polite and they’ll kiss me, but most of the time they’ll go for my boobs. But I don’t want the same thing all the time. That’s no fun.”

It’s usually Summer telling a guy to fuck her tits. We don’t mean porn guys. We mean regular guys she gets busy with.

“He’ll be licking and sucking my boobs, and I’ll just say to him, ‘Fuck them!’ I like it. I don’t do it for the guy. My boobs are so sensitive, it feels good to have a guy’s cock between them. First, I gotta get it all wet. Then I’ll rub his cock against my nipples. Then I’ll get it all wet again, rub it up and down to make sure it’s real hard, then I’ll wrap my tits around it and move them up and down. Sometimes guys get lost in my boobs, but they don’t seem to mind. I can make just about any cock disappear.”

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