Three’s Not A Crowd

Three's Not A Crowd

“Would you guys like to come inside my apartment?” big-bust superstar and SCORE centerfold Brittany O’Neil (SCORE Threesomes on DVD) asks JMac and Juan at her front door. “I’d like to fuck you. And I’d like to fuck you,” Brittany says, squeezing their junk to make it clear. A less direct message to these two would be a giant, blinking neon sign.

Three’s Not A Crowd is the first threesome that Brittany has done with two studs. Miss O’Neil once teamed with the awesome mega-buster Angelique in London to lay waste to one guy but this is her first time with two dudes on her.

While Brittany changes into some sexy lingerie in her bedroom, her fuck dates sit on the couch and speak in hushed whispers about the opportunity they have been handed. Brittany returns, looking sexy-generous and ready for a dirty couch-ride. They lay back as she strokes their rods, one cock in each experienced hand. This is a lady who wrote the handbook on nasty porn-sex, and she is only getting warmed up.

They stand up to get sucked good by her trained mouth. She licks their cocks like lollipops, her tongue dripping with saliva. The non-stop marathon of cock sucking, breast-sex and pussy drilling begins. These guys have laid pipe in lots of SCORE Girls but they had never experienced the intense pleasure that busty Brittany O’Neil has to offer.

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