Thick & Tasty

Thick & Tasty

“I’m not easy, but I just get so damn horny!” says Sapphire, a girl who started at The SCORE Group as a Voluptuous magazine Girl and transformed over the years. “If a guy says and does all the right things, I’m pretty much putty in his hands.”

Sapphire talks about how she likes her titanic tits handled. Because she’s a bigger girl, guys don’t need to be afraid to be a little rough. She likes her nipples pinched, pulled and nibbled but not bitten.

Sapphire talks about one of her favorite things, being spanked and ass-grabbed. She likes hard fucking. Being taken…overpowered, to use her words.

When Sapphire kneels so Jarrod can bang her big boobs, it’s obvious that his cock is going to disappear between her huge hooters. Sure enough, that happens. Her cleavage is longer than his dick. It’s amazing.

Sapphire sucks him hard and then bends over to get fucked; those massively huge milky-melons hanging and swinging.

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