Thick & Tasty

Thick & Tasty

Sapphire is waiting for action in this XL Girls Classic scene. A man would have to be a fool to keep this buxom treasure waiting. What a fuckin’ body and big tits! Such a gem must be polished well with your cock.

“Most men try to hide the shock,” said Sapphire about a guy meeting her for the first time. Clothing cannot conceal what she’s carrying.

“They’re like ‘Whoa!’ Even though they know my boobs are large, when they actually see them, their eyes do that popping-out-of-their-heads cartoon look. And tit-fucking is not a problem with the guys I date. They usually do a good job of filling up the space! I’ll push my tits together and rub them back and forth on his cock and raise my head up to kiss the tip as it comes through.”

Sapphire’s fuck date Jarrod learns that Sapphire’s cleavage is longer than his dick when it totally disappears between her breasts.

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