The Stablehand’s Dream Girl

The Stablehand’s Dream Girl

What’s a pretty, young British girl like Aurora Rose doing in a Southern California horse stable? Why she’s pitching hay and bouncing and swinging her big tits up and down and running around the place. All busty Brits in America do everything naked including stable-hand work. We wish.

Where else besides California does Miss Rose want to flash her bazooms?

“I’d like to go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras and flash my boobs and collect as many beaded necklaces as possible. Apparently, a girl gets a beaded necklace every time she flashes her boobs. I want to have such a bead collection after that I can open up my own shop selling sacred art made from these beads.”

No doubt every dude in The Big Easy would throw their beads at Aurora if they got an eyeful of her. We don’t celebrate Mardi Gras at SCORE but we do celebrate Mardi Bras. That’s when big-boobed girls take off their bras and jiggle all the way. Aurora is always invited.

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