The Emma Shay Experience

The Emma Shay Experience

The Emma Shay Experience

Horny, voluptuous and naughty girl-next-door Emma Shay is ready and ripe for a dick-down filmed in POV. She’s flirty, sweet and innocent-looking-even the name Emma sounds innocent-but watch it! Emma loves sex, the hotter the better. Emma chatted with us after this scene was shot.

SCORELAND: Emma, what do you think about when you watch your videos?

Emma Shay: I love watching my own vids! I’ll usually think how maybe I loved how my hair looked that day, how hot something looked, or maybe I’ll wish I did something a bit different.

SCORELAND: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex?

Emma Shay: I haven’t really had any mirrors nearby before, but I just got a new full-length mirror so maybe now I can.

SCORELAND: Rate your sex drive from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

Emma Shay: I would go with an 8!

SCORELAND: What kind of role-playing sex do you personally enjoy?

Emma Shay: I like student and pet role play, but I’m open to anything.

SCORELAND: What reaction do you get when you tell someone you are an adult model?

Emma Shay: I have only told one girlfriend and guy friend. They were surprised at first but then thought it was super-cool that I am that confident to be on-camera and perform. My friends get a kick out of the different fetish videos I do.

SCORELAND: Has posing nude and shooting boy-girl videos increased your sex drive?

Emma Shay: I would say so. I do nude photoshoots all the time, and boy-girl videos have really been great, too!

SCORELAND: How did you start nude modeling?

Emma Shay: I suppose I started on the web agency Model Mayhem-it was my own idea-and I just had so much fun mainly shooting nude outdoors.

SCORELAND: Do you like to talk dirty in bed?

Emma Shay: I do, mostly when starting and then when I’m about to cum.

SCORELAND: Do you like a guy who talks very dirty during sex?

Emma Shay: I love it. It just has to be at the best times!

SCORELAND: Do you like rough sex, and how rough?

Emma Shay: I love it rough. After answering these questions, I would like it really rough now!

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