The Bimbo Quest of Jessy Bunny

The Bimbo Quest of Jessy Bunny

The Bimbo Quest of Jessy Bunny

Jessica “Jessy Bunny” Bunnington’s bimbo breast quest continues. Jessy’s goal of becoming the ultimate busty bimbo has reached another level. She brought us up to speed in this conversation.

SCORE: Jessy, what is your current bra size now?

Jessy Bunny: My bra size is 75N in European size. That makes me the girl with the biggest boobs in all of Austria.

SCORE: How many ccs are your boobs now?

Jessy Bunny: I have 2000cc expander implants. Expander means that I can fill them up even bigger and I can’t wait to reach 3000cc, 4000cc, 5000cc and even bigger.

SCORE: Are your breasts more sensitive now with your new size?

Jessy Bunny: Yes, oh my god. They rub even more on the fabric of my tops and dresses. Honestly, it already happened a few times that I got a nipple orgasm during shopping. They are super sensitive now because my skin is so stretched and thin.

SCORE: Have you achieved your bimbofication goals?

Jessy Bunny: I am super happy with my body, but there is way more I want to have. I will have another Brazilian butt lift. I want to fill my boobs way bigger and a few things more.

SCORE: When did you first think about bimbofication?

Jessy Bunny: I always wanted to be super girly. My first contact with the bimbofication community was when I was a teenager. I was in love with the beautiful transformations.

SCORE: Do you have any favorite SCORE Girls of the past or present?

Jessy Bunny: I love all the SCORE Girls. There are so many iconic girls, like Anastasia Doll and Minka, just to name a few, but my all-time favorite is Chelsea Charms. Her whole body proportion is a goal for me.

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