The Big Bust

The Big Bust

Dixie Devereaux shows this perp that the big boobs of the law are not to be dissed. If it takes her grinding his cock with her tight pussy to teach him to walk the straight and narrow, then so be it!

Playing cop tapped into Dixie’s sex life. As she explained it, “I like a man who knows how to make me feel special or sexy. Like, he’ll buy me costumes and I’ll dress up for him. I need a relationship in which we can fulfill each other’s fantasies. Some of it has to do with domination.

“I like to get all dressed up and take control, so the guy’s the submissive and I’m the dominant. I like that. It works best with a guy who’s an executive or something like that and is used to being in control when he’s at his job. So then when he’s with me, he gives up control. Because I’m so little, when I’m dominant, I feel bigger and powerful, and I speak louder when I do it.”

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