The Big Bouncing Bodacious Boobs of Amaya May

The Big Bouncing Bodacious Boobs of Amaya May

It may be a cliche to use the expression “built like a brick house” but it applies perfectly to Amaya May. This woman has massive natural tits and each big boob is much larger than a man’s head. Amaya could do a lot of damage if she swung them at your face and connected.

Fortunately, Amaya uses her big tits for good, positive things, such as burying a cock between them as she’s done in her XXX hardcore scenes. In this scene, she uses the bed as a trampoline so her jugs jiggle and bounce

“The guys in my cam room always want to watch my tits bounce!” Amaya said. “I love those horny fuckers.” Amaya’s webcam and Twitter name is Giggles_4u. She used to be a stripper at private parties.

After Amaya’s breast exercises are completed and she’s totally divested of clothes, lingerie and shoes, she sticks her toy in deep. When she pulls it out, she licks it, tasting her pussy juice. It’s always very hot when a girl does that.

“My tits are the biggest in my town. When I drive, seat belts are always uncomfy. My boobies are always in the way!” We guessed as much.

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