Tahnee Taylor: Third Time’s a Charm

Tahnee Taylor: Third Time’s a Charm

Tahnee Taylor: Third Time's a Charm

Tahnee Taylor dropped out of sight,” TSG editor Dave wrote. “We thought we had seen the last of her. After all, as of this past April 2022, eight years had passed since she’d last walked into our studio. But a few months ago, she emailed us.”

Tahnee loves that young hard cock and watching it go in and out of her experienced and hot cunt. After a strong fucking by Berry, she enjoyed cupping her big tits and watching them get splattered with cum.

“I make a guy feel special in bed by telling him he knows how to please me, and out of bed I tell him he’s my hero,” Tahnee said.

“My top three sexual encounters were being with another man and woman, being blindfolded while having sex and being massaged by a few men and woman blindfolded and naked.”

Tahnee’s tits are bigger now than last time, by the way.

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