Sweater Girl

Sweater Girl

On a trip to visit her friends at SCORE, super-sex bomb Daylene Rio has just returned from sweater shopping at the mall (where every eye was on her swiveling ass and big, bouncing tits) and meets her scene fuck-partner Rocky inside the studio.

Everything is ready for Daylene’s scene. Rocky is eager to get started with Daylene and get hands-on and cock-in. Not so fast for Daylene! Normally Daylene is not a tease-and-deny girl. This time she tells her porn-cock partner that she first wants to try on her purchases on-camera. He can fuck her in a different position for every sweater she tries on.

Daylene tries on a green number. She looks killer. Then a tight, white sweater. An orange cardigan is next. Caressing her bountiful booty and burying his face in her big boobs, Rocky can’t wait to stick his dick in Daylene’s mouth and feel her sweet lips squeezing it.

Now that Daylene has tried on her purchases, she opens Rocky’s pants to see what he has for her. She puts her mouth on his underwear-covered cock and leaves his briefs wet with her saliva, then pulls out his dick. She stares at him with her outstretched tongue and, eager to give him the famed Daylene Rio blow job, sucks his schlong all the way down. Daylene takes turns tit-banging him and sucking him like a vacuum pump.

Now Daylene wants her California Latina pussy filled. She wants to get her fuck on. She sits on his pole, facing him and bounces up and down hard and fast. That’s how Daylene wants her sex. Fast, hard, wild and strong.

Daylene’s passionate screams fill the room as they swap out to different positions: doggie, missionary and more.

No matter what Daylene does, just watching her produces an erection reaction. Trying on tight sweaters. Sexing. Taking showers. Just walking. Props to this great SCORE Girl.

Rocky got paid for this?

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