Sweater Destruction

Sweater Destruction

Camelia Davis‘s mouthwatering 38F-cups, her gorgeous face and her beautiful bod are what a breast-sucker lives for.

Camelia enjoys traveling, dancing and outdoor activities in attractive surroundings, like beautiful parks and beaches. She has a lot of erotic fantasies that she’s not shy about sharing.

“I’ve dreamed about a male friend taking me to the nearest bathroom or to his house, ripping my clothes off and fucking me senseless without any talking at all,” said Camilia.

“I have a thing about getting spanked. I’ve tried girls–I was with a girl when I was 19 years-old. She was a friend of mine. I’m satisfied by big cocks–but not too big!–good foreplay and knowing that I give good head! Sometimes I have sex once a week, sometimes five times a day. There’s no set routine to my sex life.”

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