Super-stacked & Soaked

Super-stacked & Soaked


Longtime SCORE Girl Danielle Derek wanted 34 double-H tits so she got them. It was no small undertaking. Now she’s happier.

“I’ve had big breasts, not SCORE-sized breasts, but what would be considered big breasts to a normal person since my early 20s. This is my fourth boob job. I started at 200ccs and now I’m at 2,000, so it’s been a gradual process to get them to this size, which I think is perfect.”

Danielle gets as excited about her big tits as any horny man. You’ve got to love a girl who loves her body.

“They pop out all over now. They pop out all the time!” Danielle gushed, excited about the change. “And my nipples are still so very sensitive, obviously, even in a warm room. It has nothing to do with temperature. My nipples get hard no matter where I am.”

Danielle unwinds with a bath, but even taking a bath becomes a boiling-hot show when the camera’s rolling.

Wrote a fan, “Danielle, congratulations on your new tits! I love them and have been loving you for 10+ years! Stay with us. Don’t go away. You are still YOW!”

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