Street Walkin’

Street Walkin'

When a guy gets really horny, so horny his nuts are swollen, he goes out looking for action. Some go to bars. Some go to strip clubs. Some go to singles mixers. Some call an ex or hit their little black book of girls they know. And some, like this gentleman, cruise the streets looking for hot chicks they can pick up.

Now, what Claire (played by Claire Dames) is wearing as she walks along the boulevard is not any hotter than what girls wear walking in South Beach or Santa Monica or on the Las Vegas Strip. But Claire’s clothing is mega-hot and she has that extra touch of swagger as she walks. The horny driver spots her immediately. He pulls over, thinking she’s a hooker. He needs a mouth and a pussy to fuck.

A little curbside talk and a little drive-time talk and they arrive at his place. Claire looks so fuckable, the driver can’t control himself. Her hot little body is driving him crazy. He pulls his pants down on the staircase and Claire gives him a tremendous dick- and ball-sucking. The camera angles are awesome and so is Claire’s talent at sex. Claire takes off her clothing on the stairs and he licks her pink taco. She digs it.

Claire stands up and teases him with her shapely ass as she walks up the stairs and enters a bedroom. She gets on the bed and starts to rub her clit. The driver follows and immediately spreads her legs and begins fucking her pussy. Claire turns out to be an amazing bed partner. She’s a wild woman, a walking wet dream.

After they fuck in doggy, she tells him that she really wants his big cock in her ass. What Claire wants, Claire gets. His cock is buried in Claire’s sweet asshole for a boiling-hot fuck! And watch what they do for a surprise ending!

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