Stacked & Wet

Stacked & Wet

Stacked & Wet

In a pop quiz question asked in Patty Michova‘s introductory bikini photos from this video, we asked who else hails from Slovakia. The answer is the great Karina Hart, born in Bratislava.

Patty keeps herself bikini-ready by working out at her neighborhood fitness center every day. Bikinis need to be a size too small for a girl so it looks like it’s ready to rip and fall to the ground. Patty gets this.

“I love my little bikinis,” Patty says. “I have the body to wear them. I love when guys check me out when I wear them with sexy shoes. I don’t care for one-piece swimsuits. Most of them do not look sexy. They are for old, married women.” If Patty can’t get to a gym, she’ll work out anyway. “I am an active girl. My fantasy is to have a gang-bang in a fitness center. We’ll see, one day.”

“I dance and I travel. I like to keep busy and I love having my pictures taken. I thought, why not combine my two favorite things, taking pictures and having good sex? So, soon you’ll see me dancing on stage and then I have sex with the guy watching me dance. I have a lot of fun doing this.”

After Patty peels off her bikini in this video, she fingers, and then toys, her pussy. After she takes her vibrator out of her pussy, she pops it in her mouth and tastes her pussy juices.

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