Stacked & Serviced

Stacked & Serviced

A hotel guest has trouble with a ceiling light so he calls the front desk for a maintenance man. Showing up is no maintenance man. Dominno wears a tank-top, denim short-shorts cut above her butt-cheeks and clear platform shoes. Great maintenance uniform! Whoever picked that outfit knows what guys want to see a girl wear.

Dominno brings in a beat-up ladder that looks ready to collapse. Please Dominno, don’t get a concussion before the guest can fuck you. She asks him to help her down so he grabs her body, already drooling as he touches her soft, creamy skin. They start French-kissing. She squats and pulls out his cock. Where is this hotel anyway? Well, it’s located in SCORELAND. That explains everything.

The guy may be dimmer than the bulb Dominno is there to change but his cock is more rigid than her tools. Dominno slurps on his meat and offers her tits for him to fuck. From behind, one leg on a rung of the ladder, Dominno takes cock in her pussy standing up. She squats over his pole as he lies on the floor. She never does fix the light. She gets on her knees again so he can bust a nut on her beautiful boobs.

This scene is also on DVD in Stacked & Serviced.

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