Stacked-Out Sex Kitten

Stacked-Out Sex Kitten

Stacked-Out Sex Kitten

One word can describe Melissa Reed. And that word is “Wow!

Melissa is one of a generation of models that editor Dave described in a Blog article. Writing about Chantal Raye, Dave wrote, “She goes from fully clothed to full-frontal nudity to spreading her legs to showing pink to fingering her pussy in a matter of photos, not a matter of years. That’s special, isn’t it? Or are you one of those guys who enjoys the tease, who enjoys waiting?”

Like Chantal, who jumped into full-sex right away, that’s exactly what Melissa did. Who are we to deny them their rights and privileges as super-horny, exhibitionistic hotties?

“Like ’em?” Melissa asks JMac, whose finger is crooked in Melissa’s orange tank top. The tank top was invented for Melissa.

“Love ’em,” says JMac. “Really? Do you want to put your cock between them?”

That’s a question that is not really necessary to ask here but it’s always sexy to hear it when a girl says it.

“Can’t wait to get my cock between these fuckin’ fat titties,” JMac informs her as she buries his head between her giant mountains while she squeezes his junk through his jeans.

When Melissa pulls her tank top off, her beautiful, massive breasts look like they are ready to spill over her tight purple bra like a river cascading over a failing dam.

“It’s like a pillow. I can sleep on them,” says JMac. But sleep can come later, man. His duty to service this fine fox comes first. He can’t keep his hands off her shapely butt either, but sucking on her nipples takes priority. A hard cock to suck, tit-fuck and jerk is what Melissa wants.

On her back, Melissa is reverse tit-fucked so that Melissa can suck his balls as his cock slides between her mounds of joy. In a kind of 69 position, he fucks Melissa’s mouth while sucking and playing with her nipples.

When JMac pile-drive fucks her on the floor, Melissa handles it with the greatest of ease.

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