Stacie Visits The Men’s Room

Stacie Visits The Men’s Room

Stacie Visits The Men's Room

Ever since moving to Florida, Stacie Starr has been taking off her clothes to show off her 36D-cup tits and round ass in the sun. Stacie’s great body is tanned all over. “I became a nudist sunbather when I moved to Florida in 1994.”

20 years and we only just recently learned about her? “I love the feel of the sun on my body and not having any tan-lines.” Stacie also loves: “Sucking cock. I’m orally fixated. I’m also into hair pulling and ass spanking.” Stacie is a real MILF with a son, not a phony porn MILF from Los Angeles.

The busty brunette’s blow job, tit-fucking and hand job in the SCORE men’s room deserves some kind of award. Perhaps the Palm D’Or. A separate award should be given to Ms. Starr for her absolutely filthy, dirty mouth. She has one of the dirtiest mouths a man could ever enjoy in the relative privacy of a men’s room. The SCORE Group male staff were happy to hold it in while Stacie went down on her acquaintance.

Stacie is a pro at milking man-bags. “I go straight for the cock. I stroke it and rub on it then get it into my mouth and work my magic. I love feeling and watching it get bigger. It’s the best when it stretches my mouth.”

Watch the magic unfold and witness a real cougar at jerk. Is Stacie Starr this wild back home?

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