Southern Charmer

Southern Charmer

Mya Blair decks out her insanely sexy body in a two-piece with fringes that looks just right for go-go or exotic dancing. Or a Florida beach. Check out those tan lines. Mya does do exotic dancing now and then back home.

XLGirls: Mya, you’re the only cam girl we know who actually dances in a club. How did you get into topless dancing?

Mya: That’s actually the first taste of the adult industry that I had. My friend who was working at a club in Charlotte invited me to come see her and she ended up pulling me up on stage with her. Next thing I know I’m on stage by myself and when I got down the manager asked if I wanted a job.

XLGirls: Is the Crazy Horse the only topless club you dance in? How often are you there?

Mya: It was. I’ve taken a break for a bit but hopefully I will be back soon.

XLGirls: No doubt you have the biggest boobs in the club. They must love you. What do you like best about dancing for real guys, not cyber guys?

Mya: I can actually see who is interested and see what they like and play off that. Online, you rely on people telling you what you are doing is working. In person, you can see.

XLGirls: What’s the downside?

Mya: When you are in person, there is always the possibility that someone will be too handsy.

XLGirls: That’s why most clubs have a refrigerator-sized floor man walking around saying, “Dude, no hands!”

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