South American Superwoman

South American Superwoman

South American Superwoman

When Shara Lopez leaves her house, people freeze in their tracks. Traffic slows down. All eyes and heads turn to this shapely and busty woman.

When Shara enters her house, things go back to normal.

Our photographer has witnessed this first-hand during his visits to photograph Shara and her friends.

“I like to roller-blade and I wear shorts,” Shara explained. “Both men and women stare at me. They stare at how I’m dressed and how I’m made-up.”

Now that Shara’s done her first hardcore scene at SCORELAND, she ‘s looking forward to more. “I love doggie-style. I also love…I do not know the name…it’s lying down with the man on top and my feet up in the air. I love oral and I swallow it.”

In this video, Shara wears the outfit she talked about. No wonder people go out of their minds when they see her out and about. Not many women have a body like hers and very few of them would even consider being naked on-camera. She’s also one of the best-ever breast self-suckers and tuggers.

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