Shelby Gibson: The Hot Life Of A SCORE Wife

Shelby Gibson: The Hot Life Of A SCORE Wife

Shelby Gibson: The Hot Life Of A SCORE Wife

“I’ve had a few people, gentlemen, who have said, ‘Are you in porn? You’re too good to be true. Are you real?’ And I say, ‘I’m real. I’m standing right here.'”

So said Shelby Gibson, SCORE reader’s WILF and fantasy SCORE woman to many worshipers of sexy, mature bra-busters. Her rare appearances are special events.

“I’ve gotten some of the nicest comments, some of them a little dirty, from your readers. It’s been great. I just can’t believe it. It’s like, ‘Wow, they really think I’m beautiful.’ They watch my videos a million times. They wish me happy holidays. It’s been a great experience.”

Every SCORE guy should have a wife or girlfriend like Shelby.

“My husband loves it when I have my heels on when he comes home from work. He loves it even more when I keep them on for playtime, which sometimes starts right after he walks in! I’m available to play anytime he wants. Out of bed, I keep the house clean and cook him his favorite meals. He is a great provider. We have a very nice home and a wonderful lifestyle. We get to go on some amazing vacations. I can now work part-time so hopefully I can come back to SCORE!”

Shelby rated her first XXX scene from 1 to 10 (highest).

“Higher than 10! It was amazing! I had so much fun! Getting professionally made up, being with a real porn stud, and doing it all in front of the camera, knowing that the fans would be watching was out of this world! I love to watch JMac’s pics and videos. And now that I’ve finally fucked him, I like watching him even more!”

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