SCORE’s 30th Anniversary: Readers’ Wives

SCORE’s 30th Anniversary: Readers’ Wives

<i>SCORE's</i> 30th Anniversary: Readers' Wives

The SCORELAND members’ poll asked:
Your girlfriend or wife wants to model in a XXX boy-girl video with a pro stud. How do you react?
The results were:
37% would firmly object to the idea
35% would support her decision
16% would neither support nor object to it
11% said they would try to talk her out of it

The ladies in this SCORE special 30th Anniversary video all have husbands who inspired or suggested they become SCORE or Voluptuous Girls. Most of the husbands were SCORE or SCORELAND fans and readers. In the early years of SCORE, the girls, many of them feature exotic dancers, did not want their marital statuses revealed publicly.

Annie Swanson found her man’s hidden magazines. “I actually found my boyfriend’s magazines underneath a little board in the bathroom. And I took ’em out, and I called him at work. And I said, ‘Honey, I found some magazines.’ So right away he starts denying it. ‘They’re not mine! They’re not mine!’ I’ve always had the fantasy of posing in a magazine, so I started looking at ’em.”

Voluptuous is the best magazine,” said Cherry Brady. “‘My husband’s been a reader since it came out, and it’s by far the best mag for big-titted, natural women. I wouldn’t be in any other. I think every woman at some point fantasizes about being in a magazine like Voluptuous, but most women don’t do it. I figure, hey, you only live once.”

Elaina Gregory said “he began to realize that I enjoyed having my picture taken in the bedroom so he told me that I could have fun and make good money by coming to pose for you guys.”

Kelly Christiansen didn’t mind the fact that her husband liked the magazine and SCORELAND. “He was very open about it. And he likes girls like me. It’s flattering, like, ‘Oh, good, I don’t have anything to worry about.’ He said, ‘Hey, look, they have this BeASCOREModel website,’ so we watched the little introductory video and he said, ‘You should do this.'”

“My husband and I posted photos on social media. I decided to apply to SCORE where I had my first real shoot with JMac,” said Victoria Lobov, who has a sex drive hotter than many 20somethings’.

“It was definitely my initial idea,” said Shelby Gibson’s husband. “She always wanted to pose for an adult site but didn’t think that she was hot enough. But I encouraged her and she finally agreed to let me send in some of her pics. She couldn’t believe it when SCORE was enthusiastically interested in her. When she saw that other wives were doing it, she realized that it could really happen. Becoming a SCORE WILF is a real fantasy come true!”

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