Roxee’s Beer Garden Of Big Boobs

Roxee’s Beer Garden Of Big Boobs

You may be waiting a long time for your stein of beer during your visit to Roxee Robinson‘s beer garden of big boobs. At this fun place, it’s always Octoberbreast. You’ll be waiting for your beer because Roxee has to give us a tits and wet pussy show as only she can!

“I get really good service at restaurants, bars and nightclubs,” Roxee said. Why are we not surprised about that? “I love being wined and dined and treated like a princess.” Roxee definitely deserves all that.

One of Roxee’s special goals is to self-suck her big nipples better. She admires Sarah Rae’s amazing skills at that, especially the way Sarah can hold her tits in her mouth hands-free for a few seconds. “I realized I can self-suck my nipples and I am working on doing it better,” said Roxee, who’s got the kind of tits that are pliable and big enough to self-suck. “Practice makes perfect.”

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