Rose Pools Her Assets

Rose Pools Her Assets


Pretty Rose Blush discovered XL Girls and emailed for details about being a part of the show. Rose said she wears a 36N-cup bra which is 36JJ in the UK and in Australia. She had C-cups at eleven and her boobs grew, grew and grew. They are fantastic.

“The style of bra doesn’t bother me too much, as long as I think it’s pretty,” Rose said. “Lace, mesh and satin always catch my eye though. I can buy bras off the rack, however it’s very difficult. Very few places stock my size.”

XL Girls took Rose out to the pool for some California-style fun and sun and to check out her plush curves in a bikini. She pours baby oil on her really big, bountiful breasts and rubs the slick stuff in. A boob-show is next. Rose has got some very impressive, pointy nipples. Those are eye-pokers and just right for sucking on. Rose goes into the pool and sends her tits airborne, an amazing sight.

Rose is an Australian charmer. Immediately following her pool party is an indoor interview. Learn more about this natural wonder from down-under.

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