Rack Star

Rack Star

Rack Star

SCORELAND catches up with the statuesque and shapely Helen Star. Thanks to Mia Sweetheart for translating.

SCORELAND: What motivated you to become a model? How did you get started?

Helen: I knew Mia Sweetheart and she told me how great it was to shoot and become a model. It started as a joke. I wanted to see how it is but I ended up loving it.

SCORELAND: Do you like the process of modeling? What do you think of the preparation by the staff and the direction by the photographer?

Helen: The whole process is so much fun. What girl doesn’t like to be pampered. I get my hair done, make-up, nails, and then the photographer helps me to find the best positions to get the best results. I love what I do and you guys have the best team to work with.

SCORELAND: What do you like making better, the photos or the videos?

Helen: I love both of them. They both make me feel good doing it.

SCORELAND: What is the most-requested thing the guys want to see?

Helen: They love to see me ride my dildo in private sessions.

SCORELAND: What else do the guys ask you do?

Helen: They love to see my boobs bounce!

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