Private Alix

Private Alix

Alix Lakehurst wears many bras: Model, porn star, designer, artist, escort, actress and webmistress.

“I am very crafty,” Alix says. “I love making things with my hands and I write all the time.”

Alix has also found the time to interview Hollywood directors, such as Fred Olen Ray, and to conduct interviews for Mr. Skin, among them scream queen Debbie Rochon and Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films. “Intelligence gets me every time! I’m attracted to geeky, strong guys that can pick me up over their shoulder and also fix my computer. I love hair too. Hairy chests are wonderful to rub and I also like a bit of a gut. I have never been into looks. There needs to be an attraction but it might not be a physical one with me. I also like guys that can have a conversation about anything.”

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