Nipple Queen

Nipple Queen

Alana Anderson‘s pair of perky, puffy nipples are the kind a breast lover daydreams about. Her creamy, pale-skinned tits have the kind of veiny quality that many crave to see.

How long do her bras last her? “About 6 months,” Alana told us. “Then the straps start to loosen too much, unless it is one of the bras I wear in bed. Those don’t stay on long enough to wear out.”

Alana is also a milker, which you will see. She has a shaved pussy and likes to go commando. She likes a guy to suck and play with her nipples for long periods of time, not just suck quickly and move on to her pussy.

Alana likes to wear tight outfits, fuck-me shoes, and skimpy lingerie, then toy her wet pussy. She toys her pussy every day with big dongs and is ultra-orgasmic and highly sensitive. Those tits are really made for fucking and unloading barrels of hot man-sauce on.

We asked Alana if tit-fucking is a regular part of her sex life. “No, but that is only because no boyfriend has been interested in tit-fucking me, although if one wanted to, I would be happy to let him,” she said. Incredible! A girl with those tits has never been titty-fucked!

“It seems to me a good form of birth control!” Alana added. “I guess since I have never been tit-fucked that makes them virgin tits. Can you believe that? Oh, yeah, did I mention that since they have milk they have a warmer body temperature than without milk so I’m sure that would be a plus.”

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