Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours

Amora Lee in her eye-popping dress, and out of it, is killin’ us. The party Amora was invited to was cancelled but Amora’s still got us to party with.

Amazing Amora said she can slip on a 36K, L and J bra.

“I can’t remember when I wore a D-cup. Maybe 15, but I was in denial. I was buying bras that probably didn’t fit right. They were too small and the back strap was up my back.

“I remember watching Oprah one day and she had a bra lady on, and the lady was saying something about bra-fitting, and I realized I had on the wrong bra. So I had to go bra shopping. I didn’t really start wearing my right-size bra until I was 22. I was snapping bras left and right.”

Amora said she hasn’t seen her videos but she did say, “Modeling has made me more comfortable in my own skin.” She’s taken very smoothly to being photographed and making very hot moves.

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