Morgan Leigh: Jiggle Jiggle

Morgan Leigh: Jiggle Jiggle

Morgan Leigh: Jiggle Jiggle

Flashback to Morgan Leigh. She was a British passenger on the Boob Cruise in 2000. The SCORE Girls she met inspired her and she ultimately won the Newcomer of the Year award six years later.

SCORELAND: With the British and American guys, is there a difference with their reaction to you?

Morgan Leigh: Not that much. As you know, there are busty models in Britain, too, like Linsey Dawn and Lorna Morgan. Guys see them over there quite often, and I think British women tend to be bustier than American women. Of course, it’s not an everyday thing that you see women with boobs the size that I have, but guys in America and guys in Britain are pretty similar. It’s a pretty similar world all over.

SCORELAND: Have your boobs ever fallen out of your clothes while you were out in public?

Morgan Leigh: That happens quite regularly because I wear little tops and tube tops, and they frequently fall out. It’s quite funny. I mean, I’ll be walking down the street and a boob will pop out, and everybody will be watching and pointing. And I always wear bikinis to the beach, and my bikinis are really not the right size for me, and my boobs will quite often fall out.

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