More Heavenly Hooters

More Heavenly Hooters

Angel Gee had never done video before.

“I’d done fantasy shows before as a dancer…live shows but never on video,” Angel said. “I’m a very sexual girl and I like to bring it out so it shows on film. It’s like being on stage in a club in some ways. Very sexual. Teasing. Slow and sexy.

“When I dance, I like the guys to be right there. My last song is where I’d take my thong off, so I’d lay right down on the stage in front of them. It’s as if they are taking my thong off of me instead of me doing it myself. And I’d be laying there on the stage, and my pussy would be right there in their faces. So when I make videos, I think the same way. I love my body. I’m comfortable in my skin, and I love to have guys wanting me. It’s a big turn-on to be the center of attention and all eyes are on me and it’s my show.”

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