Maxxin’ Out!

Maxxin’ Out!

Maxxin' Out!

At 3:34 into the video “Maxxin’ Out!”, Kristi Maxx bounces her tits up and down with her bra still on so that they drop into the cups, then fly up again. Colleges should show this video in physics classes to demonstrate Newton’s law. Kristi’s breast play is thoroughly educational, and fun, too. Kristi’s lovely hands eventually head further south where she rubs one out hard, and she even fingers her butthole, too.

“I am like a guy,” web-cammer Kristi said about fapping. “I either have to do it first thing in the morning or right before I go to bed.” Once Miss Maxx has completed her melodic finger concerto, she resumes her energized demonstration of huge, natural tits in eye-popping motion. Kristi says she likes to go bowling. Here’s a girl who should be seen in 3D. Warning: the flying tits in this video may cause dizziness and vertigo.

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