Marina Grey’s Magic Mirror

Marina Grey’s Magic Mirror

Marina Grey's Magic Mirror

Voluptuously curvy Marina Grey examines herself in the mirror, checking her makeup, checking out how her belly-baring top looks and how her tits look in her bra.

“I wear sexy clothes so people can see my beautiful breasts,” Marina said. “I get a lot of attention. I see no reason to hide my body.”

Marina gets so absorbed with her boobs that she begins playing with them. Her clothes come off in front of the mirror and before long, Marina is on the couch rubbing one out, then moves to the top of the dresser.

“At first, I was nervous. Nervous before my trip and nervous on the first day. I often laugh and giggle when I am nervous. The photographer said to just be myself and that was good advice. My nervousness went away and I learned about modeling and how it all works. I had never masturbated in front of people before and that was a new experience.”

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