Lipstick Nipples

Lipstick Nipples

A girl blessed with all the goods, and she delivers them with easygoing sensuality. Helen Star prepares herself for your pleasure. Checking herself out in her bedroom mirror and dressed only in a red bra and panties with high heels, Helen primps and makes her lips a deep red.

The bed is Helen’s stage. She can see her moves in the mirror once she gets started on her big, ripe, 36G-cup tits, squeezing, rubbing, kissing and licking them and leaving a lipstick ring on her right nipple. With her panties tossed away, Helen’s nimble fingers reach for her thick-lipped pussy to make it juicy and slippery.

Helen said she likes being pleasured in a leisurely way. “Lots of kissing and touching make me feel sexy. Nice and slow. There is no rush. Take your time with me and make it last. I like it for hours.”

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