Lily & Her 34G-cups

Lily & Her 34G-cups

Lily & Her 34G-cups

Lily Madison goes on the terrace and lowers her bra under her 34Gs. Her playful boob moves begin with rubbing, then bouncing, shaking and jiggling. Her wide, pale areolae are pink under this light.

Lily lowers her stockings and tiny panties to the ground. She rubs her hand over her pussy and ass then returns to her big boobs. Sitting on the railing of the terrace, Lily opens her legs and touches her pussy. Sticking her fingers inside, Lily rubs her sugar walls, pulling back her clitoral hood and rubbing the clit when her fingers withdraw. The sexy redhead lies back on the railing, gets her balance and stretches out. Now she ramps up her spanking speed. Her fingers dance in and out of her pink box until she shudders with pleasure.

When her trembling goes away, Lily returns to her ocean gazing, her hands back to feeling her big, beautiful breasts. We get one last look at her lovely face before the fade out.

“I can’t imagine having smaller breasts, and I do like big boobs on other girls, too,” says Lily. “Having big breasts makes me feel womanly. I love them.”

That’s what breast-men like to hear, Lily.

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