Last Call For Boobs

Last Call For Boobs

Jessica Taylor is a 22-year-old redhead from California who juggled three things when she first modeled for us. By day, she was a construction contractor. By night, she danced at a club called Taboo in Arcadia. On her days off, she played World of Warcraft.

In this scene, the only video Jessica ever made, Jessica dances and peels off her clothes, juggling her big boobs and bouncing her butt.

“I usually wear a lot of 80s rock inspired outfits. Lots of mesh and leather two pieces. And high heels and leg warmers. I will usually slap a man in the face with my tits pretty hard.”

She’s talking about what she did at Taboo, not at a construction site. Jessica complained that her boobs don’t get enough attention in private. “I want my tits to be creamed-up and then kneaded and squeezed. I want a guy to use both of his hands and rub them until I’m moaning. Maybe both of his hands on one tit and then the other. I just like them to be manhandled and no guy has ever really been into doing that before.”

That’s a shocker. Maybe things changed after those guys saw this SCORELAND video. If this scene was an example of what she did at that strip club, the guys must have climbed the walls.

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