Korina’s Bikini Bouncing Bustout

Korina’s Bikini Bouncing Bustout

Korina's Bikini Bouncing Bustout

Korina Kova doesn’t need a bounce house to go airborne. Her bed is her bounce house. Korina has more bikinis with her than a swimsuit store. She’s also got one of her big friends to give an added kick to the fun. The brunette bombshell is too sexy for her bikinis. She knocks ’em out at the pool when it’s swimsuit weather.

Finding the right bras for her big, bodacious boobs is another story.

“I can never find them off the rack. When I go into a store to buy a bra, it is always too small, so I special-order them online. I’ve been fitted so I know my size and I can just go online and order them.” Korina needs 32GG hooter holsters to contain those titanic twins.

Korina is used to the attention she gets. “I’m always getting into trouble. Sometimes they get me out of trouble. Any attention is good attention.”

Korina’s special talent? She says: “Flexibility. I am very flexible.”

And bouncy!

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