Korina Kova’s Stairway To Heaven

Korina Kova’s Stairway To Heaven

Korina Kova's Stairway To Heaven

There are no limits to the heights Korina Kova can reach. Her smooth, sexy moves, extreme flexibility and dancing skills are on display in this hot video that includes slow motion. There’s breast play, ass-clapping, twerking, pussy play, nipple sucking and more, and at one point in the video, Korina, wearing a strappy outfit and stockings, stands on her head and spreads her legs wide. It’s quite a show.

“I love to take care of my chest,” said Korina. She keeps herself in perfect shape. “I love to keep my skin in good condition, and I always wear a bra…if I’m sleeping, anything. Gotta hold them in!”

Korina talked about men and dating.

“My weird quirk for men is facial hair. I love facial hair. I like chill, casual dates. I like to keep it very comfortable. Good conversation. I like to have a steady partner. I don’t sleep around.”

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