Kitty Cute: All Curves & Big Boobs

Kitty Cute: All Curves & Big Boobs

While photographing the Star sisters Erin and Helen, Kitty Cute also bounced into the big picture. She’s the third major league bra-buster and cam girl in recent days to jiggle and wiggle into SCORELAND and into our hearts for the first time. Her soft curves are endless.

For sure, Kitty Cute lives up to her name and she even has a cute voice when she introduces herself. She likes to spend time with her friends and have fun with them while countless guys try to get their phone numbers.

“Because of how I look, and my big boobs, I always get a lot of attention. I like it sometimes. Sometimes it is just too much. But I do feel fortunate.”

“I began to get large breasts at thirteen and I was easily the girl with the biggest chest,” said Kitty. “I don’t like sports at all. What I would like to do is learn how to drive so I don’t have to depend on my friends or family.”

“When I was offered a chance to pose for SCORE, I was happy to accept. I feel I am in very good company with so many beautiful girls of all nationalities.”

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