Kitchen Heat

Kitchen Heat

This sucker would like a cup of Joe. What he’s going to get is two cups of Kacey. In his face.

Hottie Kacey Parker grabs him by the head and pulls him into her billowy cleavage. It’s motorboating time in the kitchen. Kacey is an aggressive babe in every way. She talks the talk and walks the walk. What a dirty mouth on this girl! We’ve always loved that about her among her other qualities. Kacey’s big boobs fall out of her skintight tube dress so he can suck on those dairy pillows.

The lucky sucker lies on the kitchen counter so Kacey can stand over his face and tit-pummel him. This fuck session needs a referee. Before he reaches oxygen deprivation levels and passes out, Kacey gets to work on his dick, sucking it hard. The drool spills out of her mouth. She stares at the camera while jerking, licking and blowing hard, making gagging, sucking and all other kinds of BJ sounds. She gets down to the root, getting every inch in her throat.

Pulling the dick out of her mouth, and putting it between her ample cleavage, Kacey uses her tits like buffing pads to breast-massage him. The kitchen is too small to fuck in so they move to the living room. She sucks him again, gets totally naked down to bare feet, lies back on the couch and spreads her legs for a pussy dick-down. After getting the drill, Kacey demands ball-juice. He pulls out of her cunt and jerks all over her huge jugs.

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