Kim Velez & Zafiro Herrera’s Lusty Lezzie Love Connection

Kim Velez & Zafiro Herrera’s Lusty Lezzie Love Connection

Kim Velez & Zafiro Herrera's Lusty Lezzie Love Connection

Kim Velez and Zafiro Herrera (Ms. Sapphire) have definitely made an erotic love connection in this SCORELAND Lezzie experience. It’s lust at first sight for the two black-haired Latina hotties. From behind, Zafiro takes off Kim’s bra to look at her big tits and play with them, lifting Kim’s boobs up with the bra cups. “I want you to be mine,” Zafiro murmurs in Spanish. “I’m yours, baby,” Kim moans. Zafiro is the dominant one, Kim her submissive sex slave.

Zafiro removes more of Kim’s underwear and slaps her ass. Zafiro hugs her, wrapping her hands around Kim’s breasts. “What delicious tits. They drive me crazy,” Zafiro says, bending Kim over and squeezing her breasts. “I want you to make me yours, baby,” Kim pleads.

Zafiro turns Kim around and uses Kim’s garter belt to play with her tits some more. “Look what we are going to play with,” says Zafiro with a glint in her eyes and a strap-on cock in her hands. She puts it in Kim’s mouth to suck on and orders her to secure the strap-on’s belts around her waist. Zafiro’s bra comes off. Her tits are not as large as Kim’s but Zafiro makes up for the difference with her big butt that is emphasized by her slim body.

Kneeling before Zafiro, Kim sucks on the dildo like a cock, her boobs swinging. Zafiro holds Kim’s head by her hair and tells her what a good girl she is. “Now I want to fuck your tits. Will you let me fuck your boobs, baby?” Whatever Zafiro wants, Kim is eager to give.

Zafiro is eager to fuck Kim. She has Kim get into bed on her hands and knees and slides her strap-on into Kim’s pussy from behind, thrusting deeply into her, spanking her ass and lifting Kim’s nipple to her mouth for Kim to taste her own breast. Flipping Kim over on her back Zafiro fucks Kim some more, fucks her tits again, gives her more cock to suck on and puts Kim on top of her. As Kim bounces on Zafiro’s strap-on cock in reverse-cowgirl, Kim’s big, natural breasts swing wildly, some of that shown in slow motion. “I want you to cum,” Zafiro demands when Kim gets on top facing her. She spanks Kim’s ass pumping on the cock to encourage a shuddering orgasm.

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