Kim Beltran’s Feeling Those Good Vibrations

Kim Beltran’s Feeling Those Good Vibrations

Kim Beltran's Feeling Those Good Vibrations

Big-boobed Kim Beltran is on her laptop. She’s doing something when she stops and says she’s run out of ideas. We would have been happy to send some of our ideas if she had asked us. We have lots of suggestions for the busty brunette to consider.

Kim takes her break from the keyboard to do a striptease, and that’s when you’ll notice a tiny pink object sticking out of her pussy. It’s a remote-control vibrator. So that’s what she was doing online and why she was feeling up her tits. Naughty, naughty girl.

Kim gets totally naked on the table and rubs her clit and pussy lips with the vibe still inside and adds her finger to increase her pleasure. Pulling the vibrator out, Kim swaps it for one of her big dildos and gets wild with it, fucking her pussy as deep as the dildo can go. Her boobs bounce like crazy. When she gets to her happy place, Kim brings her fingers to her lips and waves goodbye to us.

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