Julia Mendoza: Chica Tetona y Sexy

Julia Mendoza: Chica Tetona y Sexy

Julia Mendoza: Chica Tetona y Sexy

South America’s become the latest fertile field for foxy females with big, bouncing boobs at SCORELAND. The lovely and fully-loaded Julia Mendoza was referred to us by the same breast-seeking finder who introduced Sofia Santana, Shara Lopez, Kim Velez and other stunning, stacked senoritas who put a rocket in your pocket.

“I want to be the most-famous erotic model in the world,” Julia said. “I want to buy what I like without looking at the price tag.”

Julia is busty and proud, an advantage in a world where big-breasted women get a lot of attention, and, in our humble opinion, ought to get even more positive recognition.

“I love wearing lots of tops with low necklines, especially sexy tops. I can buy bras off the rack and I wear one most of the time, except for sleeping.”

Julia chats with a SCORE staff member in a separate video interview. “I’m really very happy because this is an incredible experience,” Julia said. “Being here, I feel super comfortable.”

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