Jenni Noble Comes Clean

Jenni Noble Comes Clean

Jenni Noble Comes Clean

“I love tattoos and a geeky nature in a man,” said Jenni Noble. That combination floats Jenni’s boat.

“Someone who is open and willing to experiment is always fun. I think a guy should be genuine, kind and super-geeky. I’m so awkward and clumsy that people normally shrug it off as cute or charming. A dominant female is also a huge turn-on.”

Jenni has very smooth moves on the set so we don’t see this awkwardness she mentions. Today, Jenni’s spending some quality time in the shower, and that includes some tits-on-glass play.

Daria isn’t an especially dominant girl but she and Jenni got along just fine when they met the one time at SCORELAND with tongues, toys, nipples and fingers.

“Daria is a beautiful woman. She was really kind and a bit shy when we met at first. She’s got a lot of energy, though, and has great taste in music. I had a lot of fun with her!”

And we had a lot of fun photographing them.

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