It’s Hot In Shanie Gaviria’s Kitchen

It’s Hot In Shanie Gaviria’s Kitchen

It's Hot In Shanie Gaviria's Kitchen

The kitchen counter is loaded with fruit but you’d have to get past Shanie Gaviria‘s ass to notice. We first see Shanie from behind, her butt busting out of her cut-off denim shorts.

Shanie turns around and her big boobs are busting out of her bra and bare-belly top. This sight is enough to make a man cry tears of joy. Shanie doesn’t ask if that’s a banana in your pocket or are you happy to see her? That look in her eyes says it all. Because Shanie only speaks Spanish, like Katy Shavon and Shara Lopez, her videos have English captions.

Shanie offers to make you a smoothie. She offers you papaya pieces. She offers you grapes and has a special way of presenting them to you. How many grapes can she place in her cleavage? A lot. What Shanie has to offer is better than any fruit.

Clearing the counter, Shanie gets naked and climbs on to show you the greatest papaya nature ever made.

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