I’m Married But I Like To Get Fucked By Other Men

I'm Married But I Like To Get Fucked By Other Men

Krissy Rose is a housewife, amateur model and cam-girl living in Las Vegas. She’s both a housewife model and a model housewife. Krissy lost her cherry to her future husband, and now that she’s married, she likes to get banged by guys who are not her husband.

Other SCORE Girls following this time-honored trend include Kelly Christiansen, Jayden Prescott, Ingrid Swenson and Holly Halston. Krissy is the adventurous type, or she wouldn’t be here in the first place, but she also takes it a step further.

“I once had sex in a model home while we were house shopping. We made a mess in the master bedroom,” Krissy told your editors. How does she dress back home in Sin City? Hot, we assume. “During the day, I wear tight tops and jeans or sun dresses and sometimes work-out clothes. At night I wear sexy club dresses or sheer clothing if I’m going to a lifestyle club.”

Tit-lover Sergio is feeling up Krissy’s F-cup boobs and burying his face between her jiggling mounds of flesh. Krissy has pierced nipples, a sure sign of a hyper-sexed woman. She turns around so he can further sample the merchandise, feel her ass and inspect her pierced cunt with his probing fingers before he lays the man-pipe to her. Krissy lies back on the couch so her fuck-partner can eat out her pussy, two fingers working deep inside, rubbing her pussy walls.

Playing tit for tat, Krissy opens her mouth for his pocket pork, sucking it good, his hand on the back of her neck, his thigh providing a boob shelf for her to rest her huge knockers on while she sucks. “Let’s fuck those tits before I stick it in your pussy,” Sergio tells Krissy. “Oh yeah, sounds fun,” Krissy agrees. A little boob banging sounds real good before Krissy gets fucked in a bunch of hot positions, including a horny piledriver–a position she looks great in. Krissy says she has a big sexual appetite. A serving of cream pie should hit the spot.

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